Monday, November 30, 2009

City of Boulder Initiates Prioritization to Accomplish 5 Specific Objectives

A summary of the core concepts of Boulder's Priority-based Budgeting plan include:

• To establish the core goals results and/or objectives (the “results”) of the City of Boulder and its citizens and also to articulate them to external as well as internal stakeholders, thus providing a “roadmap” to determine that decisions made are leading the City in the direction of Prioritization;

• To implement a holistic process that will align strategic planning with resource allocation decisions (i.e., the budget process) as well as performance measurement and management;

City of San Jose Engages Citizens in Neighborhood Commission Forums to Discuss Prioritization

Outcomes of Prioritization Approach:

• Increased connection of budget to City’s Priority Results
• Stakeholder engagement in program priorities
• Rationale for reducing or eliminating programs that have the least impact on achieving the City’s Priority Results

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