Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boulder proposes flat budget for 2011, holds line on expenditures

City manager proposes flat budget for 2011, holds line on expenditures « C1N Boulder Blog

Concurrent with the BRC II analysis and implementing its recommendations, the city adopted a Priority-Based Budgeting (PBB) process to identify core city services and the community goals for its municipal government. PBB is an evolution of the Boulder Business Plan and continues the city’s focus on financial sustainability by addressing critical deficiencies and allocating funds to programs and services that achieve the greatest results.

“Although Boulder is in a better financial condition than many of its peer cities, the economic outlook continues to be uncertain,” said City Manager Jane Brautigam. “In response, we’re taking a prudent and strategic approach to the 2011 recommended budget by focusing on achieving greater efficiencies in how services are delivered to the Boulder community. In many cases we have been able to reallocate staff and funding to those areas most likely to achieve community goals, and are reducing duplication of services to hold the line on spending at 2010 levels.”

Fairfield Engages Community in Priority Based Budgeting

Fairfield seeks input on budget - The Reporter

With the economy still bleak and an $8.3 million deficit looming in its 2011-12 budget, the city of Fairfield is reaching out to the community to help bridge the financial divide.

"We've made it a priority because this will impact every person's life," said Dave White, assistant to the city manager. "We want to be as available as possible."

Officials hope a new techno community outreach campaign, by way of the Priority Based Budgeting process, will generate a wealth of ideas that will ultimately shape and craft the city's budget. The PBB apparently will help the city set its financial priorities and prioritize services according to their contribution to meeting city goals.

Grand Island Budget Passes - "Council members know more about this city than ever before"

Grand Island Budget Passes - KHGI-TV/KWNB-TV/KHGI-CA-Grand Island, Kearney, Hastings, Lincoln

Grand Island City Council passed the proposed budget with amendments, with just three weeks to spare on Tuesday night.

The two police jobs, which were up in the air, are safe and with no tax increase this year. Congratulations and thanks were passed by almost every council member to city staff for figuring out a way to bring back two police jobs to the department and without cost to citizens.