Sunday, November 13, 2011

County Looks at Budgeting in the "New Normal"

County looks at budgeting under 'the new normal'

With million-dollar budget shortfalls anticipated for the next five years, Douglas County commissioners, staff and elected officials met Thursday for a look at budgeting under “the new normal.”

Consultants Jon Johnson and Chris Fabian of the Denver-based Center for Priority-Based Budgeting made separate presentations for a process designed to bring “fiscal health and wellness” to local government.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

County focuses on priority-based budgeting

Douglas County commissioners have scheduled a workshop Thursday for an overview on priority-based budgeting, one of the board's strategic goals.

County Manager Steve Mokrohisky said commissioners, elected officials and staff are to hear from representatives of the Colorado-based Center for Priority-Based Budgeting who will discuss the system they have implemented in 20 local governments nationwide.

“Priority-based budgeting is an objective decision-making process that focuses on allocating available resources to the programs and services that have the highest value and results to our organization and community,” Mokrohisky said.