Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Financial Times Recognizes Prioritization --- Lorie Tinfow talks about Walnut Creek, and Jon Johnson discusses the "New Normal"

Financial Times Recognizes Prioritization - US town halls find fresh angles to meet recession by Nicole Bullock

Walnut Creek, California, which must close a $20m (€14m, £12.5m) deficit for the 2010 financial year, is polling citizens on what services they value most, so it can make targeted cuts. Lorie Tinfow, assistant city manager, also expects the expansion of volunteer programmes such as checking on the elderly at home.

“We are rethinking what services the city provides, what we are paying for them and what we are expecting as American taxpayers to get for that dollar,” Ms Tinfow said.

US town halls find fresh angles to meet recession

By Nicole Bullock in New York

Published: December 22 2009 19:17

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Citizens of Walnut Creek Pioneer Groundbreaking Work to Influence the Results of their Government

'Spend' $500 to help Walnut Creek plan its budget

By Elisabeth Nardi
Contra Costa Times
Posted: 11/24/2009 01:25:05 PM PST

Spending a faux $500 may seem easy. But when it comes to choosing between a safe community, arts and recreation or maintaining city parks and open spaces — weighing those decisions may prove tough.

But that's exactly what Walnut Creek leaders are asking local residents and workers to do. Starting Nov. 30, Walnut Creek is inviting people to weigh in on what city services matter most to them by "spending" an imaginary $500 on services they deem important.