Friday, April 2, 2010

Boulder Business Community Gets Behind City's Prioritization Initiative

Using ROI for City Budgeting: Business Planning Meets Government Spending

How the city is going about this full spectrum analysis of the highest ROI will be discussed by our panel including Jon Johnson and Chris Fabian the consultant hired by the city to help this Priority Based Budgeting process, BRC II and Boulder Tomorrow Board member Jeff Wingert and City of Boulder Finance Director Bob Eichem.

Will your favorite programs make the cut? Come find out how programs will be evaluated and how you can weigh in on this important discussion.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Media, Editorial Board Support Grand Island's Vision in Prioritization

Budget process requires clear priorities, vision

By examining each of the 365 programs that are directed out of City Hall, the administration, mayor and city council are looking under every rock for ways to save taxpayer dollars and keep core services intact. It is a responsible and rational way to control expense growth on programs that may be well intended, but do not significantly support the community in the four core areas.

The upcoming budget sessions promise to be difficult. However the work now being done with the Program Prioritization process promises to be useful to the council, mayor, administration staff and department directors to develop an outcome that does not require painful tax increases.