Tuesday, March 16, 2010

State of Nebraska Senator Gloor Praises Grand Island Prioritization Initiative

G.I. ahead of state with prioritization process

By Sen. Mike Gloor

I read with both pleasure and envy the recent article on the city’s new Program Prioritization process. Pleasure because a discerning approach like this is the type of focused decision making model that successful businesses use. I am glad to see its use in our city’s governance. I am envious because it is the type of approach the Unicameral is moving toward with our recently initiated planning committee process. In this instance, the city of Grand Island is well ahead of the state of Nebraska.
Kudos to City Administrator Jeff Pederson, Mayor Hornady, President Gilbert and the entire city council for embracing a structured sequence for evaluating needs and potential reductions. The quick and easy decision model would have all departments effected equally. However, this model ignores the relevance of certain services and programs toward future growth and community success. The city council and administration should be congratulated for taking the far more difficult and exacting approach. Grand Island will benefit from using this disciplined approach now and in the future.

Senator Mike Gloor,

District 35

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