Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Prioritization Principles Brought to Life through Walnut Creek, San Jose, and Lakeland - Cover Story of May Government Finance Review

Download Government Finance Review - May 2010 Cover Story:

"Priority Driven Budgeting (PDB) is about how a government should invest resources in order to meet its stated objectives. Prioritization helps us to better articulate why the programs we offer exist, what value they offer to citizens, how they benefit the community, what price we pay for them, and what objectives and citizen demands they are achieving. PDB is about directing resources to those programs that create the greatest value for the public."

We've had the privilege to collaborate with GFOA's Shayne Kavanagh since 2008 when we spoke together about Priority-based Budgeting at GFOA's Annual Conference in Florida. We've each been on the front-lines of the "New Normal" throughout these last few years and it was Shayne's objective research about how local governments are not only surviving, but creating great transformations in their organizations and their communities that led us to partner on this article. These are some of the stories and lessons learned from Prioritization that we've had the honor to be part of - the success stories of Walnut Creek and San Jose, California, and the City of Lakeland, Florida.

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