Monday, May 16, 2011

Building Economically Resilient Communities Conference - Building Resilient Communities

The National Environmental Health Association has created a track devoted to Building Economically Resilent Communities, at this year's annual conference in Columbus, Ohio (June 18-20).

The concept is completely unique, portraying Economic Sustainability as the confluence of a government's fiscal health (what Jon and I are working on here at the Center), a community's overall economic well-being (what you'll hear Fort Collins CFO, Mike Freeman discuss), and the environmental health of a region (NEHA's expertise).

City / county managers will be exposed to evidence that sustainability initiatives (fiscal, economic, and environmental) are literally at the root of Resiliency, as witnessed and demonstrated in these sessions. As communities today struggle to balance their budgets while preserving long-term economic growth, these sessions will demonstrate that all are achievable. Building Resilient Communities begins with a new definition of Sustainability.

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If you are responsible for leading and managing a local government you are well aware of the challenges your organization is facing in this turbulent and unprecedented economic environment.

But how can your organization continue to thrive in this "new normal" and still meet the expectations of your community. If you're looking for ways to achieve stability in the short-term and ultimately align your scarce resources to make your community more resilient in the long-term, you won't want to miss the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)'s Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition in Columbus, Ohio, June 18–20, 2011.

The AEC is the nation’s premier education, training, and advancement event for environmental health professionals (EHPs). This year, NEHA is inviting local government managers and executives to the AEC to join with EHPs from across the country to learn more about how to promote and maintain your community’s social, environmental and fiscal sustainability, as well as ensure that the priorities of the community are being achieved. At this year’s AEC, two days of educational sessions will cover an array of topics of interest to local government managers and decision-makers. Of particular focus will be educational sessions centered around the tools and techniques of achieving FISCAL HEALTH and WELLNESS (including Priority Based Budgeting) for your community as it copes with its own “fiscal distress”.

There are also additional educational sessions on Sunday and Monday discussing the implementation and benefits of local sustainability programs, measuring economic returns that the right sustainability program can bring back to local governments and businesses, and using health impact assessment (HIA) to serve vulnerable populations.

Friday, June 17
Surviving the Crisis: Attaining Sustainable Fiscal Health and Wellness Workshop
8:00am – 5:00pm (special pre-conference workshop)
UL Event
6:00 – 9:30pm
Saturday, June 18:
A Holistic View of the Three Pillars of Sustainability: Social, Economic, and Environmental
9:00 – 10:50am
Measurable Economic Return and Private Sector Support: Breakthroughs in Sustainability Initiatives by the City of Fort Collins, Colorado
11:00 – 11:50am

Fort Collins, Colorado is pushing against the trend toward treating sustainability initiatives as hard to measure, politically sensitive, and expendable when financial times are tough. In spite of serious fiscal challenges and deep budget cuts, Fort Collins isn't just supporting its sustainability programs; it's expanding them. In this session, you'll find out how the city's environmental sustainability initiatives earned private sector support by delivering quantitative, measurable financial returns to businesses, and you'll learn how to repeat the experience in your own community.
Speaker: Mike Freeman, Chief Financial Officer, City of Fort Collins, CO

Tour of LEED Gold Building, Ohio State University Urban Arts Space
1:00 – 1:50pm

Keynote Presentation
4:00 – 6:00pm

6:00 – 9:00pm

Also interested in attending the educational sessions on Sunday and Monday? Click here for detailed information and to register for just $100 more!
Registration for Surviving the Crisis: Attaining Sustainable Fiscal Health and Wellness Workshop ONLY – $179

Registration for Friday & Saturday Package – $299:
What is included? •Surviving the Crisis: Attaining Sustainable Fiscal Health and Wellness Workshop
•UL Event
•Access to Exhibit Grand Opening & Party
•Educational sessions on Friday & Saturday
Interested in also attending the sessions on Sunday and Monday? Click here to review session details and to register for these sessions for only $100 more!

Stay at the designated AEC hotel – the Hyatt Regency Columbus (Arena District) – and receive a $50 registration rebate.* (The rebate will be issued to you by NEHA following the conclusion of the AEC and after verification of hotel stay.)

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