Saturday, August 13, 2011

Boulder's Ideal Application of Priority Based Budgeting Process Results in Citizen Support for Specific Fee Increases

The City of Boulder is applying Priority Based Budgeting in the absolute ideal way in order to hone in on programs ideally suited for a discussion of fee increases; and they're succeeding! PBB's relentless focus on programs, the relevance of those programs, and the costs of providing the programs allowed the City to isolate and filter-in on a select group of programs that weren't fully covering their costs AND which the customers of such programs would entertain a discussion of a fee increase.

Congratulations to the City - these kinds of reactions from citizens, as the Daily Camera published today, are remarkable!

Martin Long, a Boulder resident who was using the East Boulder Community Center on Friday afternoon, said he doesn't mind paying a little more to get into the center next year.

"It's a wonderful facility," he said. "I like it a lot. I'm willing to pay for what I use."

Sara Hahn, who was splashing in the community center's pool with her kids, said she wouldn't even notice a 25-cent increase.

"I'm from California, so everything is like half the price here," she joked.

Renting a shelter at the Eben G. Fine, Foothills, North Boulder and Martin parks is expected to double in cost next year, from $50 to $100. Special event permits at city parks would increase exponentially -- anywhere from 50 percent to 3,700 percent, depending on the number of attendees.

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