Thursday, September 27, 2012

Douglas County Readies for Year 2 in PBB; Welcomes Citizen Engagement

Douglas County, Nevada - PBB Update:

 A new and long-term organizational change in the budgeting process to assist in understanding, and evaluating County programs and services
 A tool to find opportunities to discuss shifting resources based on priorities
 A tool to identify programs with additional cost recovery opportunities
 A tool to identify programs with possible alternative service providers/regional collaboration
 A tool to assist the Board in appropriating available resources in the Budget

PBB Is Not:
 A recipe for budget cuts
 A tool to tell elected officials how to allocate their funding amongst the programs and services they provide

Priority Based Budgeting
 A new “lens” that provides communities, elected officials, and departments with powerful insights into their programs
 Programs are prioritized based on their relevance to achieving the community’s desired results
 Program costs are calculated including all resources utilized across the organization,%202012%20Priority%20Based%20Budgeting%20Workshop%20Supporting%20Materials.pdf

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