Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NLC and PBB Priority Community Policy Results in Synch!

NLC (National League of Cities) has recently evaluated "State of the City" addresses from 30 various communities, and from that analysis something very interesting has emerged – among these disparate communities, nearly all identified 5-6 common community policy priorities. 

At the Center for Priority Based Budgeting, we've worked with over 40+ communities to assist them with identifying their own 5-6 top major policies. At CPBB we refer to these priority public policies as "Results."

What is fascinating is that the 5-6 major policy issues identified by NLC are precisely in line with the most commonly articulated "Results" from communities who implemented Priority Based Budgeting (PBB). These include:
            • Economic Development
            • Public Safety
            • Education
            • Infrastructure
            • Finance 
Resource Alignment with Priorities

It is our quest to understand how dollars are aligned with community priorities, and where we have opportunities to align spending even further. Through the "new lens" of Priority Based Budgeting, we are continuing to find news ways of assessing this alignment - the "Resource Alignment Diagnostic Model" has produced a unique picture, detailing our best choices to reallocate resources when they are less in line with our priorities, to areas of greater return.

What would elected officials, community leaders, administrators and citizens like to see in order to demonstrate that the policy priorities (or "Results) they strive to achieve, are being supported with financial decisions in the budget? We'd love to learn how communities are demonstrating this alignment (and always interested in sharing our approach to this incredible pursuit)
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