Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Temple City CA Increases Efficiency of Government Spending Through PBB

".... the priority based budget (PBB) is becoming the more preferred alternative." 


Temple City, CA Budget-In-Brief

The Budget-in-Brief outlining the proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2014-15 City Budget is now available online www.templecity.us. The report provides a concise overview of the City’s financial position and forecast for the upcoming year — including anticipated revenues, expenditures and economic trends.

Also featured is an introduction to priority-based budgeting (PBB), a new practice the City adopted
last year in an attempt to increase the efficiency of government spending. Having recently completed the public engagement process for the Temple City Strategic Plan, we are now using the PBB approach to help ensure that resources are allocated in a way that reflects and responds to community objectives and needs.

Priority Based Budgeting

In most municipalities including Temple City, the line item budget has historically been the prevailing accounting mechanism for its simplicity. However, with Temple City in the process of adopting a Strategic Plan and looking to address evolving community needs, the priority based budget (PBB) is becoming the more preferred alternative. In contrast to the traditional approach that was focused on replenishing existing line items, PBB allocates resources based on evolving needs. In addition to being more responsive to priorities changing over time, PBB also recognizes the interdepartmental nature of many programs, and allocates funds based on activity rather than by individual departments.

Click to read the full Temple City CA Budget in Brief and the full FY 2014-15 City Budget.

Congratulations Temple City for leading local government innovation through your successful implementation of priority based Budgeting!

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