Friday, September 19, 2014

ICMA 100th Annual Conference + CPBB & YOUR Local Government Community!

The Center for Priority Based Budgeting (CPBB) is momentarily "home" after having the honor of presenting Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting at the ICMA 100th Annual Conference.  It was an incredible experience for us, having four distinct opportunities throughout the program to reach new audiences eager to embrace an entirely new way of leading their communities with the tools of Priority Based Budgeting. As this was the 100th Anniversary of ICMA, the CPBB was humbled and invigorated to be positioned as providing the "new lens" necessary to thrive in the next 100 years of leading local government!

As true believers in the “New Wave” of Local Government, the CPBB actively promotes the fact that local governments cannot continue to do things the way they always have. Of most interest to us is the concept of the “intended use” of resources based on the results a community desires to achieve, or what we would call “alignment of resources with results” in Priority Based Budgeting (PBB).

Central to PBB is the idea that all local government organizations can determine the role they're suited to serve best within a community, and amongst all potential service providers within a region - identifying the overlap, the potential for partnerships, consolidated services, and spinning off of services between city, county, school district, non-profit and private sector organizations. The end goal is nothing short of the most efficient use of a community's resources as a whole, to achieve the results of a region – it’s "bang for the buck" for the provision of public services.

Never before has the mission of our work in Priority Based Budgeting come into clearer focus. Today, we in local government are being called to embrace “The New Wave of Local Government.” This “New Wave” will be a time "in which the fiscal woes of federal and state governments will leave local governments on their own” and yet a time "in which local government will lead the way in developing creative solutions to extraordinary problems."

The CPBB dives deep into what it will require of all of us to seize the opportunities brought forth by this “New Wave” of Local Government, rather than succumbing to it’s challenges. These articles and video expands upon these opportunities by diving deeper into the definition, concepts and innovative local government opportunities represented by the “New Wave” of local government.

Local government communities must consider a completely different perspective. In order to achieve success and accept the challenges that are ahead, we must see more clearly how to manage, use, and optimize resources in a much different way than has been done in the past. This new environment demands a new (economic) vision of the future.  And over 70 communities have now embraced a new (economic) vision of the future through the New Wave of Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting

To discover how the CPBB might be able to benefit your community, contact us to schedule a free webinar. We like to use webinars to learn more about your unique community, gain a better understanding of your community goals and challenges, identify what you intend to achieve by implementing Fiscal Health and/or Priority Based Budgeting, and provide an overview of the process so you understand the steps necessary to meet your goals. 

We look forward to talking with you!

P.S.- As a “thank-you” for attending and participating in our presentation(s), please see the link below for the full presentation slides.

ICMA University: Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting

Learning Lounge: Fiscal Health Modeling

Learning Lounge: Priority Based Budgeting

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If you're thinking of jumping into the world of Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting we would certainly like to be part of your efforts! Contact us to schedule a free webinar and identify the best CPBB service option(s) to meet your organization's particular needs.


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