Monday, April 27, 2015

Using Dynamic Data in Making Local Government "More Responsive, Transparent and Effective in Serving Citizens."

"19% of all Americans could think of an example where the local government did a good job providing information to the public about data it collects." - PEW

In a recent article and survey conducted by the PEW Research Center "Americans' Views on Open Government Data," authors John B. Horrigan and Lee Rainie write "Government reformers and advocates believe that two contemporary phenomena hold the potential to change how people engage with governments at all levels. The first is data. There is more of it than ever before and there are more effective tools for sharing it. This creates new service-delivery possibilities for government through use of data that government agencies themselves collect and generate. The second is public desire to make government more responsive, transparent and effective in serving citizens — an impulse driven by tight budgets and declining citizens’ trust in government.

The upshot has been the appearance of a variety of “open data” and “open government” initiatives throughout the United States that try to use data as a lever to improve government performance and encourage warmer citizens’ attitudes toward government."

Making "government more responsive, transparent and effective in serving citizens" is of critical importance, at all levels of government, and especially at the local level. The CPBB has been a long-standing supporter of transparency and efficiency in local government through our concepts of Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting.

And to fully engage the data-driven era we're all in (like it or not), we've brought all our tools online. Our unique and innovative fiscal health, priority based budgeting, program inventory and program costing tools are providing new platforms for local government communities to truly be "more responsive, transparent and effective in serving citizens."

While we're proud of our data-driven suite of tools, we also recognize it takes a village to support this
revolution in local government. Which is why our 4th annual conference is focused on "Driving the Data-Focused Future of Communities."

This years (un)conference will represent the evolution of our work and showcase leading public and private sector innovators who are inspiring data-focused excellence in local government!

We’re still putting the finishing touches on our program, but highlights of our working program currently includes:

Keynote- Lined up an incredibly talented individual who is the co-lead of UNICEF's Global Innovation Unit, was listed in 2013 as a Time Magazine list of 100 most influential people, is a TED Talk speaker and a leader in global innovation. Introducing  Chris Fabian (CFx2, and no not to be confused w/ CPBB Co-Founder Chris Fabian)!

Sessions focusing on "Disruptive Technology in Local Government"

We have ELGL as a conference partner again this year and they will be facilitating a panel discussion on the critically important #13percent issue

Brian Elms, Manager of the Denver Peak Academy will discuss Data Informed Decisions in Local Government

Mike Jones, Director of Implementation, to present “Reinventing Criminal Justice" with an innovative organization Pretrial

And “Optimizing the Approach to P3's in Community Development" - A SAFEbuilt Panel Discussion

On top of this, we will be assembling the largest Priority Based Budgeting “user group” representing the 90+ organizations who have been innovating with us over the past 6 years. And of course, a few “surprise” unveilings!

We’re very excited about expanding the topics of conversation, bringing in new partners and speakers, and of course cementing relationships with our valued existing partners.

Local government must be "more responsive, transparent and effective in serving citizens." And Driving the data-focused future of communities will provide your community with all the tools and resources to get there!

Register today!

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If you're thinking of jumping into the world of Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting we would certainly like to be part of your efforts! Contact us to schedule a free webinar and identify the best CPBB service option(s) to meet your organization's particular needs.


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