Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sleepless in Seattle: CPBB Disruption at ICMA 2015 Annual Conference

"Data focused communities are challenging the status quo and unraveling conventional wisdom, defying what we thought we knew about the traditional role of government and mining fundamentally new knowledge in policy-making to create communities that achieve More!"

The Center for Priority Based Budgeting was thrilled to present, exhibit and engage this week at the 2015 ICMA Annual Conference. This event is is the largest annual event in the world for local government managers and staff. This was our 7th straight year presenting at the ICMA Annual Conference and are proud of our enduring partnership with this leading local government organization.

Our conference presentation was well attended with nearly three dozen local government

organizations attending and engaging. The CPBB presented all afternoon covering the innovative topics of municipal fiscal health, program costing and priority based budgeting. See our presentation slides here if you happened to miss it.

During this event, CPBB also had an opportunity to be interviewed by GovLovePodcast. CPBB Co-Founder Chris Fabian was interviewed by Kirsten Wyatt and Ben Kittleson of ELGL. Listen to the full podcast here.

The opportunity we all have in front of us is here, to reverse the downward trend in public trust, to restore the faith in government as a leader in creating communities that are safer, healthier, smarter, economically thriving and enriching! 
As hard as it is to pick up a Time Magazine and be confronted with a fearful headline “Is your City next?” with the image of Detroit in the background; the opportunity we have is to re-imagine ourselves at the forefront of a new mission, with the very stake of our communities on the line.
For every desperately dedicated city or county manager, for every visionary finance director, for every ambitious and committed elected official who came to public service to create and inspire greatness in their communities – we are on your team! And bringing “Mission Control” to your organization is our contribution to your success. Let’s do this together!

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