Monday, April 18, 2016

City of Joplin, MO Seeks Public Input to Set Priorities for Budgeting!

Priority Based Budgeting looks at many factors of the City’s operations” - City Manager Sam Anselm.

The City of Joplin, Missouri is in their first year of the priority based budgeting process. And they're making excellent strides in their work! As part of this process, Joplin is conducting a citizen survey to collect public input and validate community results.

In order to gain as much public input as possible, City Manager Sam Anselm provided a comprehensive overview of priority based budgeting in Joplin via a live radio interview. And the city has been promoting the citizen survey through their website and social media. The following is from the City of Joplin's website.

What truly matters to citizens as they think about their city of residence? Is it recreation and leisure activities? Feeling safe and secure? Or perhaps having smooth streets that allow large amounts of traffic to travel from one place to another? There could be dozens of different answers, and the City is asking citizens to tell us THEIR answers related to the Joplin community by taking a short survey.

This survey is part of the new Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) process that the City of Joplin has adopted. PBB helps ensure that resources are allocated in the best way to meet the needs of citizens. It does this by asking the community and city council to determine what the priorities of the community are. The priorities are then given definitive and measureable results through programs offered by various departments. Through a rating system, money is allocated to the programs and areas that help the City achieve the community’s goals.

The survey asks Citizens how they would rank the priorities. By completing the two-question survey, citizens can influence how City resources are allocated to the areas that matter most to their community. The input received will influence how the City invests in and achieves each result. The priorities listed were determined through an analysis of City planning documents and in consultation with City Council and City staff.

Priority Based Budgeting looks at many factors of the City’s operations,” said City Manager Sam Anselm. “By establishing goals and having the public rank these, it begins to identify service areas that our community sees as important. City Council, staff and the public then begin to review resources utilized in working toward these goals, as well as those that may not be related or providing results. The process gives our citizens a direct opportunity to engage and help set priorities for their community. This method helps to guide appropriate resources to these priorities so we can better meet the citizens’ needs.”

To take the online survey, click on the link at the end of this article. Citizens can also fill out a survey at Joplin City Hall. Surveys will be available at the Main Lobby desk and returned into the box near the surveys. Surveys should be returned by Monday, April 18.

To complete the survey....

The Center for Priority Based Budgeting

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2016 Annual (Un)Conference

Denver, Colorado | August 2 - 4, 2016

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