Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Scott County, MN Seeks to “Deliver What Matters” for its Citizens!

"What distinguishes Scott County among the 120+ implementers in the PBB community, is the organization’s commitment to being truly data-driven."

Scott County, Minnesota has always been unique, but it’s rapidly becoming even more so. Long known as the fastest growing county in the state, the State Demographer’s office projects that Scott County’s population growth (69 percent) will continue to outpace all other counties in the state between now and 2040, from roughly 140,000 to 201,900 residents. The County is home to top schools, high median incomes, premier regional attractions, historic sites, and one of Money Magazine’s “best places to live." Each year, the County progresses a little closer to its long-range vision: a county recognized around the region as one the best places to live, work, shop, and play in the Twin Cities.

Scott County  was the first local government in the State to implement Priority Based Budgeting. And today they are the first organization to evolve their implementation to the Online Priority Based Budgeting (OnlinePBB) platform, vastly expanding their opportunity to bring in elected officials, department heads and staff into a strategic role for allocating resources to the Results that define community success.

Scott County Minnesota demonstrating it’s commitment to Results, allocating over $49million towards the programs that impact a Safe Community.

What distinguishes Scott County among the 120+ implementers in the PBB community, is the organization’s commitment to being truly data-driven. The County initiated a substantial performance measurement initiative that effectively measured the cause and effect relationship between all of the County’s 400+ individual programs and services, and the County’s established Results. Over 700 FTE were individually allocated to each program, along-side a practical non-personnel cost allocation (this Program Costing approach is documented here in GFOA's Government Finance Review).

Last week, the League of Minnesota Cities teamed forces with the Alliance for Innovation in jointly hosting TLG 2016 in St. Paul, MN. This annual gathering of local government innovators from across North America is a platform to present breakthrough innovations to over 800 communities across the Country and Canada – among these was Priority Based Budgeting, and the inspiring story of Minnesota’s own Scott County.

The CPBB congratulates Scott County for their successful commitment and implementation to priority based budgeting. And for striving to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to "deliver what matters" to the community for the benefit of all citizens. 

The Center for Priority Based Budgeting
“A Prioritized World” 
2016 Annual (Un)Conference

Denver, Colorado | August 2 - 4, 2016
Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel 

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