Thursday, October 7, 2010

City of Monterey Hosts Priority-based Budget Public Meeting #1

From Chris Fabian: Many of you have asked about the Town Hall meetings where citizens are invited to define the community's results: "what does this look like in action?" Between these pictures, and the video we'll post in the next week or so, hopefully you'll get a good sense of the "Green Screen" exercise we keep referencing, and the collaboration between staff and citizens in the building of results. These pictures are from last night in Monterey which was just an incredibly productive night.

Public Input Sought
By Communications & Outreach Manager Anne McGrath
The City of Monterey is launching a public review of its budget priorities this fall and your participation is vital to the success of the Priority-based Budgeting project. In good times, the City allocated its resources to a wide range of programs and services. Now, the City needs to adjust to "the new normal" of reduced revenues. In Monterey, revenue from hotel, sales and property taxes have fallen to levels not seen in years. Significant recovery is unlikely for the next several years. So, the City needs to tighten its belt just like other municipalities, businesses and citizens have done.
Several public meetings will be held in October and November to gather public input on City priorities for the future with the assistance of two nationally known consultants who are working with 16 other cities. Monterey is in much better financial shape than many other municipalities, and taking these steps pro-actively is critical to continuing on a path of fiscal soundness.

Please join us for the first public meeting at the Monterey Conference Center on Wednesday, October 6 from 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. At that session, you will learn about the Priority-based Budgeting, and participate in an exercise to help define the community's priorities. A second round of meetings will be held Tuesday, Nov. 9 and Wednesday, Nov. 10.

You can sign up for the Priority-based Budgeting Newsletter for e-mail updates and notifications about upcoming meetings. For more information visit and The Monterey Channel on cable TV 25.

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