Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PBB Guides Funding Decisions as City of Boulder Recommends 2011 Budget

From the City Manager's Letter: "PBB has introduced a mechanism to determine if city programs are accomplishing city goals, are appropriately provided by local government, and if programs could be more efficiently provided by developing new partnerships with community organizations."

From Budget Document: "In this first year of PBB, the process was used as a guide in making funding decisions in the City Manager's 2011 Recommended Budget. It is one of several tools that can inform staff and council in strategically targeting funding reallocations in a number of ways including:
  • improved efficiencies in any of the four quartiles,
  • reallocation of funding based on the changing needs of the community, and
  • model program budget impacts based on city revenues.
PBB will continue to evolve each year, and it is anticipated that program inventories, results and definitions may be adjusted to ensure their alignment with community needs and values.

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