Friday, May 18, 2012

ANNOUNCING The First-Ever Priority Based Budgeting Conference - San Diego CA, June 28-29 2012

Nothing like this has ever been done - an entire conference devoted entirely to Priority Based Budgeting for Government.

The Key Questions of the Day:
- how do you convince elected officials to embrace this process? 
You'll hear from Past President of the National League of Cities, and former mayor Kathie Novak speak on that issue.

- is the process sustainable for the long-term? What happens when a new Council or new City/County Manager is in place - do they embrace the process?
You'll hear from the City of Walnut Creek, California (who first embarked on this process in 2009) who faced these exact issues, and sustained (and innovated) their process.

- we need to put citizens in the driver's seat of the budget; how can we integrate substantial citizen engagement into the Priority Based Budgeting process?
We're lucky to have Pete Peterson from the Davenport Institute of Public Policy, one of the nation's foremost experts on "legitimate citizen engagement," speaking on the topic, as well as Julia Novak, CEO of the Novak Consulting Group, describing how it's actually being implemented in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio.

- this isn't "just about the budget," our organization has other strategic initiatives underway; how does this process fit in with everything else we're trying to do?
Hear the City of Post Falls, Idaho, the first City in the Country to embark on Priority Based Budgeting, integrating it with their High Performing Government (HPO) initiative.

PLUS: The Fi rst-ever Priority Based Budgeting Conference for government just wouldn’t be
complete without a little excitement, innovation, and some requisite suspense. That’s why
we’ve chosen this venue to unveil two of our greatest breakthrough inventions together with
you at the conference with our partners at Peak Democracy and Project A: online citizen engagement in the style of Peak's Open Town Hall, and the much-anticipated web-based Fiscal Health Diagnostic Model.

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