Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cincinnati Budget and Finance Committee Endorses Citizen's Results - PBB Process Advances

What Is Priority-Driven Budgeting?

Priority-driven budgeting puts you at the center of the budget decision-making process.
Through priority-driven budgeting, you tell government about what kind of community you want. Then, government programs are scored against your priorities to better match spending with your wants and needs.

Your Strategic Priorities

Based on the information gleaned during the public engagement portion of this process, seven strategic priorities have been identified for the City of Cincinnati. These are the critical areas the community indicated they rely on City Government to provide.  

1. Inclusive, Thriving & Livable Community
Cincinnati is a community comprised of healthy, attractive, and livable neighborhoods that embrace our diversity and offer a variety of housing options for all ages and income levels. The City cares for our most vulnerable populations by ensuring health, welfare, and social services are provided equitably across the community. The City provides quality parks and a variety of recreational opportunities and cultural amenities that contribute to a high quality of life.
2. Well Planned & Developed Infrastructure
Cincinnati provides for timely maintenance, repair and replacement of our physical assets. Adequate planning, funding, and construction oversight is provided to ensure our infrastructure remains safe and accessible. Affordable and reliable multi-modal transportation is planned for and promoted, and density is encouraged near transportation hubs.  
3. Safe Community
Cincinnati recognizes that creating a safe community requires a holistic approach to crime prevention. In addition to maintaining professional and responsible public safety services, the City provides opportunities for positive youth development, enforcement of chronic nuisance ordinances, neighborhood preservation and well-maintained infrastructure.
4. Sustainable Built & Natural Environment
Cincinnati has developed a reputation for high environmental standards by implementing and encouraging sustainable practices and exploring new green technology. Our historical assets are properly maintained, and a proactive code enforcement program ensures our residents live in safe and healthy buildings. Education and opportunities for citizen and business participation in environmentally sensitive initiatives is provided. The City aggressively maintains its active and passive open spaces and leverages its natural assets to beautify the City.
5. Commerce & Jobs
Cincinnati maintains an attractive and thriving environment for businesses of all sizes. The City invests in programs, incentives, and technology that support economic development and business retention. Small businesses are fostered, including those that directly support the basic needs of neighborhoods. The City is a leader in regional development opportunities, particularly those that result in job creation and encourage more individuals to locate and stay in our City. Transportation networks help Cincinnati residents get to their places of employment.
6. Leadership & Financial Stewardship
Cincinnati's leaders model civility, cooperation, and open-mindedness in seeking long term financial solutions that benefit the community. Our leaders instill trust, demonstrate accountability, and exercise stewardship as they deliberate with transparency, ensuring that all residents have equal access to information about their City government. The City supports our public education system and works collaboratively with other elected officials from all government sectors throughout the region to identify long-term regional solutions.  They actively engage with the community and recognize the value of citizen input and interaction. The City fosters and supports aspiring leaders throughout the community.
7. Efficient & Effective Basic Services
Cincinnati ensures the delivery of high quality basic services by maintaining an effective, efficient and well-trained workforce, regularly investing in technology, equipment and other resources, and communicating with residents and businesses regularly to understand how responsiveness may be enhanced to meet the needs of the community. The City makes decisions to increase its operational efficiency and reduce redundancies based on data and proven results. This includes regularly reporting on performance indicators and pursuing alternatives methods of service delivery when they are in the community's best interest.


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