Thursday, August 23, 2012

How Can a Person be Against Priority Based Budgeting? Easy!

So many communities have told us that the best part about our blog is that we post every detail of our work, as it actually plays out in the communities where we've helped implement PBB - citizen blogs, local news, staff memos and reports. We post everything we can find so you can really witness how a community (the entirety of a community) responds to the process.

In maintaining with that objective, we offer you the following discussion from the Billings Gazette. Never thought we'd have to post about being against PBB!

Opinion Section of the Billings Gazette:

Dear Ed: Why is it, at a time when party affiliation seems more important than ever, our City Council elections are still nonpartisan? Are these people afraid to align themselves with a political party? — Befuddled Voter, Democrat

Dear BVD: Fear has nothing to do with it. Our local officials just happen to be more advanced than politicians on other levels. They would rather the voters attach their own more telling labels to them: pro-chicken and anti-chicken, pro-priority-based budgeting and anti-priority-based budgeting.

Dear Ed: How can a person be against priority-based budgeting? — South Side Sue

Dear SSS: Easy. You know how politicians are always saying the government should have to budget, just like real families? Well, all the families I know don’t budget at all. They just spend all their money and put everything else on a credit card. Why can’t this work for city government?

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