Wednesday, August 8, 2012

MAJOR NEWS: ICMA has identified Priority Based Budgeting as a leading practice for local governments

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ICMA has identified Priority Based Budgeting as a leading practice for local governments.

It is proud to partner with The Center for Priority-Based Budgeting to bring education and technical assistance to you in implementing these effective and proven methods in your organization.

You can increase your budgeting effectiveness through The Center for Priority-Based Budgeting's creative solutions for local governments. Its mission is to share experience and technical knowledge of government financial operations and budget development with organizations that are seeking to achieve sustainable fiscal health and wellness.


Through this reading practice relationship, The Center for Priority-Based Budgeting offers the professional expertise, analytical skills, and diagnostic tools needed to help your jurisdiction become efficient and effective in its financial strategies and resulting service delivery. The Center can provide you with the tools and techniques you need to assess and monitor your organization’s “picture of fiscal health,” assist your organization in clearly defining goals and objectives, then lead it in a process that prioritizes spending to align with those goals.  The Center’s objectives are to help you:
Diagnose the root cause of your fiscal needs and challenges
Identify effective options to enhance your financial strategies
Engage the community in determining what it highly values and expects
Establish clearly defined goals for your organization
Prioritize resource allocation to your most valuable programs and services
Provide decision makers with better information about the impacts of their decisions
Develop the tools you need to see things more clearly through a "new lens" through its proven “Fiscal Health Diagnostic Tool” and “Resource Alignment Diagnostic Tool.”                                                                  
The Center for Priority-Based Budgeting offers several levels of services to meet the specific needs of your organization as it addresses its short-term and long-term fiscal strategies.  These flexible and attainable approaches can be tailored to work with any level of engagement your organization is ready to undertake.  Many approaches are available depending on what suits your needs most effectively and helps you to reach a stable and sustainable level of fiscal health and wellness .

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