Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Longmont, CO City Council PBB Documentary Video Released

In a recent post, the Center for Priority Based Budgeting highlighted the fantastic work the City of Longmont, Colorado has performed as they implement priority based budgeting in their community (Longmont, CO City Council Steps into Priority Based Budgeting). During this City Council session, Chris Fabian, Jon Johnson and Kathy Novak, along with City of Longmont Mayor and senior leadership, discussed the principles of priority based budgeting to kickstart Longmont's efforts.

As CPBB Senior Adviser Kathy Novak explained, "priority based budgeting is a process and a set of tools that can really help communities and elected officials change the way they talk about making financial decisions and how they achieve the results that the community is really looking for."

Sandra Seader, City of Longmont Assistant City Manager, added "today we are talking about priority based budgeting and what that really is is taking a look at our entire budget and start to prioritize what things are the most important to our residents, things we really need to make sure we are focusing on, and things we continue to do well as time continues to move forward."

See the full 3-minute video here Longmont City Council Reviewing Priority Based Budgeting

We at the CPBB couldn’t be more pleased than to be part of the City’s evolution of the process.

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