Friday, August 2, 2013

Even Hippies Love Priority Based Budgeting!

Recent Center for Priority Based Budgeting Staff Event

At the Center for Priority Based Budgeting, we're always looking for trends and patterns. We've recently identified an unmistakable link between the Best U.S. Cities for Hippies and Cities that have a direct link with the Center for Priority Based Budgeting. Coincidence... we think not.

Of the 17 best U.S. Cities for hippies, four of them have a direct link with the CPBB. These include:

#14- Manitou Springs, Colorado- Incorporated the Program Inventory and Program Costing ingredients of Priority Based Budgeting into their approach to balancing the budget and increasing transparency about their services to elected officials and citizens.

#5- Portland, Oregon- Home of CPBB West Coast Satellite Office (and our friends Oregon Emerging Local Government Leaders). Read more about ELGL and the CPBB in PDX here.

#4- Boulder, Colorado- Implemented Priority Based Budgeting (for 3 straight years!). Read more about Boulder's success implementing PBB here.

#1- Eugene, Oregon- Eurgene's sister city, Springfield, Oregon currently implementing Priority Based Budgeting. Read more about Springfield here.

The fact that hippies clearly love Priority Based Budgeting brings up a key point we can never stress
enough: Every political persuasion wins with PBB!

Just a few weeks ago we highlighted Pete Peterson, coming from a conservative perspective on the benefits of PBB.

Pete Peterson – Featured Speaker at 2013 CPBB Annual Conference – Announces Candidacy for California Secretary of State

This time it's hippies!

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