Monday, November 4, 2013

How a City Defines the "Results" it's in Business to Achieve

The City of Salinas, California will take another huge step in bringing Priority Based Budgeting to fruition during the upcoming City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 5th. On the agenda during this meeting, the City Council will consider the fundamental reasons why the City provides programs and detail what goals the City of Salinas seeks to achieve: Results (and their corresponding Result Definitions).

What’s so tremendously exciting is that the City’s elected officials are attempting to articulate for what reasons they channel tax dollars to the programs they create, expand and partner to produce. “Results” stand for what it means to have a successful community, and a quality of life unique to the citizens of the City of Salinas, California.

Central to Priority Based Budgeting is the idea that all local government organizations can determine the role they're suited to serve best within a community, and amongst all potential service providers within a region - identifying the overlap, the potential for partnerships, consolidated services, and spinning off of services between city, county, school district, non-profit and private sector organizations. The end goal is nothing short of the most efficient use of a community's resources as a whole, to achieve the results of a region – it’s "bang for the buck" for the provision of public services.

Click here to read the full 29-page Report to the City Council of the City of Salinas, California.

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