Monday, November 11, 2013

"Resource Liberation" - The CPBB Video Espresso Blast #3

Peter Diamandis’ book “Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think” promotes an idea that is
imperative for our time. The idea is that scarcity is contextual – it may be true that certain resources are scarce, or it may be that they’re simply inaccessible.

Says Diamandis, “imagine a giant orange tree packed with fruit. If I pluck all the oranges from the lower branches, I am effectively out of accessible fruit. From my limited perspective, oranges are now scarce. But once someone invents a piece of technology called a ladder, I’ve suddenly got new reach. Problem solved. Technology is a resource-liberating mechanism. It can make the once scarce the now abundant.”

Priority Based Budgeting as a Resource-Liberating Mechanism

People and money are among the resources that we feel are scarce these days in local government. We don't have enough money to maintain our services. We don't have enough people to do the work. We seek tax increases because inherently we feel we need more and more to do the job.

But what if we actually had all the resources we ever needed? What if our scarcity problem was also contextual? What if we found out we had more resources than we need to build hugely successful communities? Is it possible that our people and our money (human and financial resources) are literally tied up, locked into providing services that may be of lesser priority, and/or services that other service providers (public and private) are willing and able to provide?

Through the lens of Priority Based Budgeting, communities are finding ways to free those resources and re-allocate them to new and extremely important programs and initiatives. They’re also finding other community resources and are more and more able to share in the pursuit of achieving Results. 

"Resource Liberation" - The CPBB Espresso Blast #3

At the Center for Priority Based Budgeting, we're all about creativity and innovation in all forms. Whether it be through expanding and improving our core concepts of Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting, migrating our Fiscal Health tool to a web-based Fiscal Health Diagnostic Tool, or finding transformative new ways to communicate how local government communities are implementing these revolutionary tools and concepts, we're never satisfied with the status quo in this Decade of Local Government.

With this in mind, we're rolling out the third of many breakthrough CPBB Video Espresso Blast(s). The Espresso Blast is designed to provide a fundamentally new platform for the CPBB to explore innovative new trends in local government and further exhibit how CPBB communities are successfully transforming the way they deliver services and conduct business. These videos are short, concise and chock full of entertaining and valuable content.

Our first Espresso Blast, titled "How it All Started", explored the genesis of the Center for Priority Based Budgeting and the formulation of our core concepts. Our second Espresso Blast "The Decade of Local Government" dived deep into the enormous opportunities available for local government communities in this new era.

This new video expands upon these opportunities by introducing the proven practice of Resource Liberation.  Check out our video Espresso Blast #3 and supporting articles below!

"Resource Liberation"
CPBB Espresso Blast #3
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