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"Moneyball" for Local Government - The CPBB Video Espresso Blast #4

"Based on our rough calculations, less than $1 out of every $100 of government spending is backed by even the most basic evidence that the money is being spent wisely. As former officials in the administrations of Barack Obama (Peter Orszag) and George W. Bush (John Bridgeland), we were flabbergasted by how blindly the federal government spends. In other types of American enterprise, spending decisions are usually quite sophisticated, and are rapidly becoming more so: baseball’s transformation into “moneyball” is one example. But the federal government—where spending decisions are largely based on good intentions, inertia, hunches, partisan politics, and personal relationships—has missed this wave." Can Government Play Moneyball? - John Bridgeland & Peter Orszag

What? "Less than $1 out of every $100 of government spending is backed by even the most basic evidence that the money is being spent wisely." How can this be? In an environment of extreme fiscal challenges across the country; unprecedented civic bankruptcies; significant unemployment; a national transportation infrastructure catastrophe; record national debt; a broken national health care system; and a failing education system, how can the Federal government, and state and local government as well, continue to blindly spend without prioritizing outcomes or measuring performance? At the Center for Priority Based Budgeting we are strong supporters of utilizing tax dollars to efficiently achieve community results!

This Decade of Local Government  obligates local governments to "lead the way in developing creative solutions to extraordinary problems. There are a number of reasons to be optimistic about this coming decade of local government." Against this backdrop of Federal and State ineptitude and paralysis, the CPBB never been so optimistic!

"Moneyball" - The CPBB Espresso Blast #4

At the Center for Priority Based Budgeting, we're all about creativity and innovation in all forms. Whether it be through expanding and improving our core concepts of Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting, migrating our Fiscal Health tool to a web-based Fiscal Health Diagnostic Tool, or finding transformative new ways to communicate how local government communities are implementing these revolutionary tools and concepts, we're never satisfied with the status quo in this Decade of Local Government.

With this in mind, we're rolling out the third of many breakthrough CPBB Video Espresso Blast(s).
The Espresso Blast is designed to provide a fundamentally new platform for the CPBB to explore innovative new trends in local government and further exhibit how CPBB communities are successfully transforming the way they deliver services and conduct business. These videos are short, concise and chock full of entertaining and valuable content. 

Our first Espresso Blast, titled "How it All Started", explored the genesis of the Center for Priority Based Budgeting and the formulation of our core concepts. Our second Espresso Blast "The Decade of Local Government" dived deep into the enormous opportunities available for local government communities in this new era. Our third Espresso Blast "Resource Liberation"  promotes the idea that more and more communities are finding ways to free valuable resources and re-allocate them to new and extremely important programs and initiatives.

This new video expands upon these opportunities by diving deeper into the concept of "results" and defining what every local government organization should be asking: "What are the clearly defined results this community seeks to achieve?" "How will this program significantly contribute to these results?" "Are there alternative shared-service providers that can administer this program more efficiently and successfully?" And "How can we measure whether the program is meeting the results the community wishes to achieve?".  Check out our video Espresso Blast #4 and supporting articles below!

CPBB Espresso Blast #4

Supporting Articles:

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"DATA VISUALIZATION" for Local Government

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