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Municipal "Fiscal Health & Literacy" - The CPBB Video Espresso Blast #5

"The Unique Lens" is itself a product of the process as are the tech tools that have opened up a view on local government strategy, culture, management and decision-making unlike anything else! - Center for Priority Based Budgeting (CPBB)

Local governments must be clear and transparent about what truly is their picture of fiscal health. Communicating that picture simply and clearly without volumes of numbers, spreadsheets, tables, and an endless series of charts is frankly a challenge that has plagued financial managers for years. If local governments are going to be able to demonstrate financial reality internally to elected officials and staff, and externally to residents, they have to find better ways to make fiscal situations understandable and transparent to everyone. 
The key breakthrough in this area has been "data visualization" which allows for the easiest way of creating a common view, a common perspective that is simple and that everybody can agree on. Part of the reason that financial problems can be obscured or hidden is because many times decisions makers have no idea how to understand finances to begin with. 

Data Visualization allows us to create a common view of the financial situation that is simple to understand and interpret, describes the clearly defined variables that can impact the financial situation, allows for "live" and "real-time" changes in these variables, and offers the ability for "dynamic" modeling of "what-if" scenarios - this is how transparency is created, and this is the essential first component of the paradigm shift required.

"Fiscal Health & Literacy" - The CPBB Espresso Blast #5

At the Center for Priority Based Budgeting, we're all about creativity and innovation in all forms.
Whether it be through expanding and improving our core concepts of Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting, migrating our Fiscal Health tool to a web-based Economic Modeling and Forecasting Tool, or finding transformative new ways to communicate how local government communities are implementing these revolutionary tools and concepts, we're never satisfied with the status quo in this "New Wave" of municipal fiscal stewardship.

With this in mind, we're rolling out the fifth of many breakthrough
CPBB Video Espresso Blast(s). The Espresso Blast is designed to provide a fundamentally new platform for the CPBB to explore innovative new trends in local government and further exhibit how CPBB communities are successfully transforming the way they deliver services and conduct business. These videos are short, concise and chock full of entertaining and valuable content. 

Our first Espresso Blast, titled "How it All Started", explored the genesis of the Center for Priority Based Budgeting and the formulation of our core concepts. Our second Espresso Blast "The Decade of Local Government" dived deep into the enormous opportunities available for local government communities in this new era. Our third Espresso Blast "Resource Liberation"  promotes the idea that more and more communities are finding ways to free valuable resources and re-allocate them to new and extremely important programs and initiatives.

This new video expands upon these opportunities by diving deeper into the concepts of "fiscal health" and "fiscal literacy." The CPBB has seen its diagnostic approach to achieving Fiscal Health and the development and utilization of its unique and innovative “Fiscal Health Economic Modeling and Forecasting Tool” profoundly change the conversation between local government managers, finance professionals and elected officials.   These are but a few of the powerful ways Fiscal Health has been used to help local government leaders achieve long-term financial sustainability. Check out our video Espresso Blast #5 and supporting articles below!

"Fiscal Health & Literacy"
CPBB Espresso Blast #5

Supporting Articles:

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"DATA VISUALIZATION" for Local Government

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