Monday, April 7, 2014

The "New Wave" of Local Government - The CPBB Video Espresso Blast #6

The most innovative public entities managed to take advantage of the economic downturn, almost as if it were an opportunity to seize instead of a problem to overcome. These organizations leveraged a state of crisis to obliterate the status quo, ushering in new ways of doing business and achieving better results for their citizens, despite a scarcity of resources. In short, they've revolutionized how community's leverage resources to embrace a "new wave" in local government. 

The "New Wave" represents efficiency and innovation in Local Government. The new wave provides a golden opportunity for local governments to leverage scarce resources. Finding creative, clear, and transparent ways to demonstrate what the next five to ten years might look like is a must if local government professionals are going to address fiscal concerns.  

All too often, local governments are unable to make sound, timely decisions regarding investing in new resources, starting new programs, or initiating major capital projects because elected officials, local government managers, and staff members are paralyzed by the uncertainty of whether they actually have enough money to appropriate for these purposes.

The "New Wave" of Local Government - The CPBB Video Espresso Blast #6 

At the Center for Priority Based Budgeting, we're all about creativity and innovation in all forms.
Whether it be through expanding and improving our core concepts of Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting, migrating our Fiscal Health tool to a web-based Economic Modeling and Forecasting Tool, or finding transformative new ways to communicate how local government communities are implementing these revolutionary tools and concepts, we're never satisfied with the status quo in this "New Wave" of municipal fiscal stewardship.

With this in mind, we're rolling out the sixth of many breakthrough CPBB Video Espresso Blast(s).
The Espresso Blast is designed to provide a fundamentally new platform for the CPBB to explore innovative new trends in local government and further exhibit how CPBB communities are successfully transforming the way they deliver services and conduct business. These videos are short, concise and chock full of entertaining and valuable content. 

This new video expands upon these opportunities by diving deeper into the definition, concepts and innovative local government opportunities represented by the "New Wave" of local government. Local government communities must consider a completely different perspective. In order to achieve success and accept the challenges that are ahead, we must see more clearly how to manage, use, and optimize resources in a much different way than has been done in the past. This new environment demands a new (economic) vision of the future. 

Over 60 communities have now embraced the New Wave of Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting. Cities and Counties must ask themselves only one question when considering whether they are truly committed to the fiscal health and successful economic future of their communities for the benefit of their citizens.... "To be or not to be."

Check out our Video Espresso Blast #6 and supporting articles below!

 The "New Wave" of Local Government
 The CPBB Video Espresso Blast

Supporting Articles:

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The New Wave - A Paradigm Shift in Municipal Fiscal Stewardship

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  1. We humans are infatuated with the word “new” and all that it represents: “If it is new, it has to be better, right?” In advertising “new and improved” is the tried and true one-two punch of promotion. What CPBB is bringing to light may be “new” in relative terms, but I believe it is actually the reincarnation of an age-old practice that I would call “stewardship.” A steward manages another’s resources for that party’s benefit; a steward acts as an owner “in name only.” A good steward makes the most of what they have in pursuing the desired ends. Good stewards are wise, thrifty, disciplined, diligent, and consistent. To be a good steward requires a focused vision, a tailored methodology, milestones to track progress, clear measures of success, and a constant process of review and adjustment as circumstances change. The CPBB process distills these stewardship qualities into practices that are readily adaptable to entities of all sizes. When applied with discipline over time these practices higher quality. And aren’t high quality communities what we really want?

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