Monday, August 18, 2014

CPBB Presents Priority Based Budgeting "Diagnostic Tool" to City of Bainbridge Island, WA City Council

The Center for Priority Based Budgeting (CPBB) is proud to partner with the City of Bainbridge Island, WA. Beginning in March 2014, City staff and the CPBB have worked hard in implementing priority based budgeting (PBB). In support of these efforts, the CPBB tonight presents the Resource Alignment Diagnostic Tool to City Council

The PBB "Diagnostic Tool"is the definitive resource for identifying community priorities to strategically allocate public dollars. The CPBB wishes to congratulate the City of Bainbridge Island staff and Council in their work to support priority based budgeting. Great work!

The following is an excerpt from the City of Bainbridge Island Council Study Session agenda. To review the full Council Agenda click here.

Subject: Center for Priority Based Budgeting Resource Alignment Diagnostic Tool Presentation

Action Item: The Center for Priority Based Budgeting will Present the Resource Alignment Diagnostic Tool

And don't forget! The Priority Based Budgeting Resource Alignment Diagnostic Tool is going web-based! Priority Based Budgeting is a unique and innovative approach being used by local governments across the Country to match available resources with community priorities, provide information to elected officials that lead to better informed decisions, meaningfully engage citizens in the budgeting process and, finally, escape the traditional routine of basing "new" budgets on revisions to the "old" budget.  This holistic approach helps to provide elected officials and other decision-makers with a "new lens" through which to frame better-informed financial and budgeting decisions and helps ensure that a community is able to identify and preserve those programs and services that are most highly valued. 

We've already built the basic model, but have invited leading local government priority based budgeting implementers to assist us in crafting the final product. With the launch of this powerful new public finance technology tool, we now have 10 communities already signed up to define the future of on-line local government budgeting! If your community is interested in contributing to the final development of this disruptive new tool, and being among the first to utilize on-line priority based budgeting, contact us!

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If you're thinking of jumping into the world of Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting we would certainly like to be part of your efforts! Contact us to schedule a free webinar and identify the best CPBB service option(s) to meet your organization's particular needs.


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