Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Curtain Call: The CPBB "New Wave" of Local Government (Un)Conference Recap

Thank you all so much for your support of the Center for Priority Based Budgeting and, in particular, our 2014 “New Wave” of Local Government (Un)Conference.

This year, we dove deep into A Revolution in how Community’s Leverage Resources! Leading the Way in Key "Result Areas" - Through the "new lens" of Priority Based Budgeting, communities have unveiled an entirely unique understanding regarding the "Results of Government" that define the very role of modern local government.  The answer to the question "why do we exist" has focused on several key "Result" areas most relevant for our time.  

Our goal was to have a unique event where everybody felt connected and ultimately left with unbridled enthusiasm to change the world. With attendees representing 26 states, 3 countries and two continents, having you there to participate, share your unique stories, and also learn from the innovations of other partners and implementers – it just couldn’t have struck the chord we wanted any better than that!

Thank you for adding to the experience for everybody! And hopefully you found it as exciting and valuable as we set out to accomplish.

The feedback we’ve received from those who attended has been astronomical! Here are a couple select comments:

"Just wanted to thank you again for putting this on. I don’t think that I have ever felt more connected or resonated more with the content and energy of a conference before!”

“Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of something very special this past week."

"The best gov conference I have ever attended!"

This year's conference showcased leading public and private sector innovators who are inspiring an epic REVOLUTION in local government ( You can view the full conference program here.)!
  • Redefining how to legitimately attain economic development and measurable local job creation through the use of incubators and partnerships
  • Discover new models for achieving safer communities at lesser cost
  • Explore revenue generation strategies attainable to every local government that have to date remained hidden
  • Dive into shared service models emerging to help local government redefine service levels in key public-public and public-private partnerships
  • Understand and digest the complex role of local government in long-term "sustainability"
  • Advance past "performance measurement" to reveal a new component to priority based budgeting that includes "results measurement" strategies
  • Grasp how credit rating agencies assess municipal credit ratings and how the transparent concepts of fiscal health and priority based budgeting can assist in stabilizing and improving bond and credit ratings
  • Expose your organization to the hands-on tools attainable to your community to fulfill the promise of reinventing government
  • Bring to light how to harvest the skill sets of the next generation of emerging leaders
  • Immerse yourself in the implementation strategies, shared experiences and lessons learned of the nearly 70 communities who have successfully brought the full potential of Fiscal Health and Priority Based Budgeting to their organizations 
And this year, the CPBB also unveiled another NEW online tool! Many of you are already utilizing our web-based Fiscal Health Diagnostic Tool. We've seen its diagnostic approach to achieving Fiscal Health and the development and utilization of its unique and innovative “Fiscal Health Diagnostic Tool” profoundly change the conversation between local government managers, finance professionals and elected officials.   These are but a few of the powerful ways Fiscal Health has been used to help local government leaders achieve long-term financial sustainability.

For many of you, this has been a long time coming. For those of you who are new to Priority Based Budgeting, and even veteran implementers, think BIG! Your path to realizing the promise of aligning ALL of your community's resources with the results that matter most, through the unique lens and disruptive local government innovation of Priority Based Budgeting, is about to get far easier and even more effective!

The Priority Based Budgeting Resource Alignment Diagnostic Tool is going web-based! Priority Based Budgeting is a unique and innovative approach being used by local governments across the Country to match available resources with community priorities, provide information to elected officials that lead to better informed decisions, meaningfully engage citizens in the budgeting process and, finally, escape the traditional routine of basing "new" budgets on revisions to the "old" budget.  This holistic approach helps to provide elected officials and other decision-makers with a "new lens" through which to frame better-informed financial and budgeting decisions and helps ensure that a community is able to identify and preserve those programs and services that are most highly valued. 

We've already built the basic model, but have invited leading local government priority based budgeting implementers to assist us in crafting the final product. With the launch of this powerful new public finance technology tool, we now have 8 communities already signed up to define the future of on-line local government budgeting! If your community is interested in contributing to the final development of this disruptive new tool, and being among the first to utilize on-line priority based budgeting, contact us!

Finally, we could not host this event without our conference partners, sponsors, and exhibitors. Please be sure to check out the following organizations online to discover the amazing and creative ways these folks are contributing to the “New Wave” of Local Government!

We are so excited for what the future holds in this “New Wave” of local government! And feel so fortunate to contribute, with you, to the ongoing success of all local government communities!

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If you're thinking of jumping into the world of Fiscal Health and Wellness through Priority Based Budgeting we would certainly like to be part of your efforts! Contact us to schedule a free webinar and identify the best CPBB service option(s) to meet your organization's particular needs.


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