Sunday, December 7, 2014

Priority Based Budgeting Implementation.... Asheville, NC Style!

The City of Asheville, North Carolina became the fifth Priority Based Budgeting community in the State last month. What is remarkable about Asheville's PBB process is that the City's elected officials had established a starting place for the City's "Results" by way of an extensive strategic planning effort they'd completed, focusing primarily on the role of local government in their community. This Strategic Operating Plan ("SOP") provides a solid foundation for the PBB process to build upon.

On November 18, 2014, the City of Asheville, NC kicked off their Priority Based Budgeting process with a day-long workshop led by Jon Johnson and Chris Fabian from the Center for Priority Based Budgeting in Colorado. Jon and Chris presented City staff with an overview and history of PBB and led staff through a brainstorming exercise to define the City of Asheville’s Community and Governance Results. Jon and Chris ended the day with a session on defining programs and services (Program Inventory), which is the next step in the PBB implementation process. 

City staff are currently working through creating Program Inventories for their departments. Departmental Program Inventories are due to the Budget Office by Wednesday December 17, 2014. Work on PBB implementation will continue into the spring of 2015, and Finance staff will work with Jon and Chris to define a timeline for the next steps in the process. So stay tuned for further updates!

Below are links to materials presented at the November 18 Priority Based Budgeting workshop:

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