Friday, December 5, 2014

Pioneering Douglas County, NV Brings Back Priority Based Budgeting!

Douglas County, Nevada has been one of the most successful implementers, and now practitioners, of Priority Based Budgeting. In fact, they were the first county in the nation to implement Priority Based Budgeting. Douglas County has also implemented a game-changing approach to citizen engagement. In 2012, the County embarked on the Priority Based Budgeting process with one of the primary objectives being to bring their community into an ownership position with respect to decision making. What unfolded in their groundbreaking use of an online tool to engage citizens sets the bar at a whole new level in participatory budgeting (see story here). Not only that, but the County's bond rating was affirmed as a result of their work. 

Now Douglas County is continuing their pioneering work with priority based budgeting and citizen engagement. The following article was recently published by The Record-Courier.
From The Record-Courier-
It’s rare that a county budgeting process is referred to as pioneering, innovative or award-winning, but Douglas County’s priority based budgeting has been called all those things. 

Key to the process is online input from county residents, who are being asked to visit a website
through Dec. 19 to share what their priorities are.

“Everyone’s voice matters,” said Christine Vuletich, finance director and assistant county manager. “We want to hear what is most important to our citizens in terms of the services we provide as a county,” 

On the website, participants divide $500 between six major areas, including safe community, economic vitality, well maintained infrastructure, financial stability, preservation of natural environment, resources and cultural heritage and managed growth and development.

To access Manage the County Checkbook, residents can visit:

Residents may also text “subscribe” to 775-309-4358. The online registration will ask for your name, email address and physical address. Your registration information is secure and will not be shared with any outside party. The physical address will allow responses from geographic areas within the county to be viewed, but the county and public will not be able to see the names of individual participants unless the participants chose to display their names. 

Any residents who do not have internet access may come to the Minden Inn and complete online or obtain access at the Douglas County Library. In addition, computers will be available in the lobby at county commissioner meetings.

In 2012, Douglas County became the first county in the nation to implement priority-based budgeting, which shifts the annual budget process from across the board allocations to investing in the community’s highest priorities. Priority-based budgeting has since been adopted by the International City-County Management Association and the Alliance for Innovation as a leading practice in local government.

Congratulations again to Douglas County, NV. We at the CPBB couldn't be more proud to partner with such an innovative group of local government professionals! Keep up the excellent work!

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