Friday, April 19, 2013

Why Does Local Government Exist: Douglas County + CPBB + Peak Democracy = THE SOLUTION

There has been a lot of (deserving) hype lately revolving around the success of priority based budgeting, citizen engagement, and how these two powerful and empowering "leading practices" are transforming local government budget processes and local governments themselves at the base level. Thanks to Peak Democracy, we now have yet another comprehensive case study that further proves how fundamentally effective and transformative priority based budgeting and citizen engagement can be, both independently and employed together.

Citizens have been increasingly going online to engage with family, friends, colleagues, businesses and organizations. Accordingly, local governments are increasingly interested in how to go online for civic engagement with their constituents. However, online forums, blogs, and crowd-sourcing tools are frequently dominated by bullies, vitriol and misinformation.

Peak Democracy and the Center for Priority Based Budgeting have trail-blazed an entirely contemporary way for today’s citizens to participate in and influence their government. Douglas County has taken it to a whole new level.

Douglas County Case Study


Douglas County, Nevada, in partnership with the Center for Priority Based Budgeting (CPBB) and Peak Democracy, is using a priority-driven participatory process in developing its budget. An innovative undertaking, Douglas County's shift to an incremental approach to budgeting to a priority-driven budget invariably involved members of the public. The following case study illustrates how Douglas County involved the public using Open Town Hall as a major component of their community outreach strategy....

Read the full Douglas County Case Study here.

FINALLY- Peak Democracy, Douglas County, NV and the Center for Priority Based Budgeting will all be presenting at the 2013 CPBB Annual Conference. The 2013 "Summit of Leading Practices" is the ONLY conference where ICMA's Leading Practices for Local Government Management (and more) come together under one roof. 

To learn more about Citizen Engagement, Local Government Partnerships and Priority Based Budgeting from CPBB and the nation's leading local government practitioners, be sure to attend the upcoming... 

Center for Priority Based Budgeting 2013 Annual Conference


"A Summit of Leading Practices"

July 9 & 10, 2013  Arlington, Virginia   Hilton Crystal City Hotel




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