Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PBB Budget Balancing Act a Big Hit!

Last night, Douglas County, NV County Manager Steve Mokrohisky presented a balanced $45.43 million tentative general fund budget, which county commissioners approved. As reported by the Record-Courier, Mokrohisky said using priority-based budgeting, and looking ahead at future county revenues and expenses were key in producing this year’s budget and reducing future general fund deficits (see Douglas County Priority Based Budgeting Update as presented to the Board of Commissioners here).

With the first balanced tentative general fund budget in five years, even Commission Chairman Greg Lynn had reason to smile on Tuesday night. “This is a far more comfortable discussion than we’ve had in the past,” Lynn said.

Mokrohisky went on to add, "PBB has really helped us frame our budget discussions and provide momentum for funding critical investments, such as road maintenance."

From the Slide Presentation: "What is Priority Based Budgeting?"
A long-term organizational change in local government budgeting to evaluate programs and services, and allocate resources based on priorities set by the Board and public
- Invest in priorities established by Board and public
- Continually improve efficiency and cost-effective services
- Recover costs within programs
- Pursue alternative service providers/regional collaboration

Congratulations Douglas County on exceptional use of PBB to balance your budget!

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