Monday, April 29, 2013

Longmont, CO City Council Steps Into Priority Based Budgeting

During its annual retreat Saturday, the Longmont City Council took its first steps into a "priority-based" budget system, as reported by The method requires a city government to evaluate and define its goals, review what it's already doing, and then score each piece of the budget. The more points a program gets, the more integral it is.

The scores themselves are based not just on whether a program fits the priorities, but also on whether a program is mandated, how much it pays for its own operation, how much demand there is, how much of the community it serves, and whether the city is the only one providing the service.

The idea, said CPBB Co-founders Jon Johnson and Chris Fabian of the non-profit  Center for Priority Based Budgeting, is to make it possible for a city council to plan and get a big
picture of the city, rather than drown in a sea of line-items. Read the full story here.

What’s so interesting about Longmont is that the City took it’s very first steps into implementing PBB back in 2009, shortly after the first appearance of the process was published in ICMA's PM Magazine. Following the outline of principles, the City put into place a results-setting initiative, weighted the results through citizen input, and even evaluated programs based on results. The City is to be commended for it’s initial work in implementing components of the process!

We couldn’t be more pleased than to be part of the City’s evolution of the process, fully incorporating the use of the Resource AlignmentDiagnostic Tool. This is a major advancement in the work, and has truly been the breakthrough Tool to answer key policy questions surrounding resource allocation, public-private / public-public partnerships, service sharing, fee setting, policy review and revision, efficiencies, performance measures and so many of the other inspiring ways organizations are balancing their budgets so effectively.

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