Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pete Peterson, Leading Expert and Champion for Citizen Engagement, Talks PBB and Politics

“One of the best things about Priority Based Budgeting is that it’s blind to politics.” We heard this from an elected official, during one of our first implementations of PBB, and we’ll never forget it. This person went on to say, “this process works for both sides of the spectrum, and reminds us to focus on the results that we’re all trying to achieve.”

When National League of Cities Past President, and 18-year elected official and Mayor, Kathie Novak, joined the Center for Priority Based Budgeting, she shared with us many of the same reflections. Priority Based Budgeting comes through as apolitical – it doesn’t favor any party. In fact, more importantly, it seems to provide a way for both sides of the aisle to be able to communicate even more clearly about the Results they so emphatically wish to achieve, and the way they go about achieving them.

Over the past few years, more and more elected officials have contacted us, from all political perspectives, sharing with us their resonance with the ideas and concepts that form the basis for Priority Based Budgeting. And just last week, we heard from one of the Country’s leading experts and champions for citizen engagement and transparency in government, Pete Peterson (who also happens to be running for Secretary of State for California) bring the merits of PBB into political perspective.

Talking about what his party “has the potential to be,” Peterson wrote:


Here in California, cities like Fairfield, Monterey, and Walnut Creek have created Priority-Based Budgets with public input. Republicans need to get behind these efforts to engage the public on determining what the public sector should and shouldn’t undertake.”

Read the entire article here: “The Trust Issue: The Problem With Government Isn’t Its Size - Pete Peterson, a declared candidate for California Secretary of State, argues that conservatives, as defenders of institutions, are in a unique position to deal with our mistrust of government—if only they can shift their focus.

Priority Based Budgeting creates an entirely new way to see clearly how our resources are being allocated to achieve results. PBB favors no party, but helps every party find the best way to prioritize spending. 

We are so pleased to have Pete Peterson keynote the 2013 CPBB Annual Conference as he presents "The Power of Legitimate Citizen Engagement" this year in Washington, D.C. We're grateful for the role Pete has played in our work.

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