Friday, June 7, 2013

Priority Based Budgeting Initiates Investment in Local Government Transportation Infrastructure

There has been significant debate around the Country recently about where to find the resources to invest in ailing and failing infrastructure. With recent news headlines of Washington's bridge collapse, local governments who are already struggling to find the resources to preserve basic services and fund long-term pension liabilities were reminded of the multi-billion dollar backlog of infrastructure improvements also vying for investment.

The infrastructure debate is not entirely new, nor is the question a new one: where do we find the money? It’s that the answers we seek must be new.

Douglas County, Nevada has successfully identified new solutions to fund long-awaited transportation infrastructure needs with their shift to Priority Based Budgeting. See Douglas County newsletter article "Priority Budgeting Leads to $1 Million for Roads."

“For the past decade, the County has spent approximately $300,000 per year on preventative road maintenance, but with the Board’s actions to shift funds from lower priority services next fiscal year the County will now spend approximately $1.5 million on preventative road maintenance. Another $3-4 million per year is needed to maintain County roads at their current condition.

After five years of budget imbalances, position eliminations and reductions in services, Douglas County has set itself on course to invest taxpayer resources in high priority services that add value to residents.”

Congratulations to Douglas County, Nevada, for using Priority Based Budgeting to find innovative solutions in solving transport infrastructure challenges for the overall safety of the community!

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