Friday, July 19, 2013

CPBB Launches Priority Based Budgeting in The City of Shawnee, Kansas

The CPBB kicks-off Priority Based Budgeting with the City of Shawnee, Kansas today!

The Center for Priority Based Budgeting is leading the City of Shawnee through a facilitated exercise to develop comprehensive definitions for the City's Results. These Results will define what every community must ask themselves: What are we here to do? See initial Shawnee PBB launch agenda packet here.

Participants in the "brainstorming" exercise will contribute by expressing all of the many ways that the organization's Results can be achieved, and then organizing all of those answers into similarly themed groups that form the basis for each of the Result definitions.

The technique is called Affinity Diagramming - a proven and powerful method that: a) gathers large and comprehensive amounts of information about all of the different ways the City¹s Results can be achieved, and b) does so in an extremely efficient manner that makes the most optimal use of the participant¹s time while still producing complete definitions.

City of Shawnee, KS City Hall
Following the exercise, CPBB will produce draft "Result Maps" for each of the City¹s stated Results. These "Result Maps" provide a simple, graphic way to organize and articulate the concepts identified in the facilitated exercise as the definitions around each Result. "Result Maps" serve as one of the key criteria for program scoring.

The CPBB wishes to thank and congratulate the City of Shawnee, KS for their work in Priority Based Budgeting.

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