Monday, June 30, 2014

For Those Who See Things Differently - The 2014 CPBB "New Wave" of Local Government Conference

A Revolution in how Community’s Leverage Resources! Leading the Way in Key "Result Areas" - Through the "New Lens" of Priority Based Budgeting, communities have unveiled an entirely unique understanding regarding the "Results of Government" that define the very role of modern local government.  The answer to the question "why do we exist" has focused on several key "Result" areas most relevant for our time. 
This year's conference will showcase leading public and private sector innovators who are inspiring an epic REVOLUTION in local government!
  • Redefining how to legitimately attain economic development and measurable local job creation through the use of incubators and partnerships

  • Discover new models for achieving safer communities at lesser cost 

  • Explore revenue generation strategies attainable to every local government that have to date remained hidden

  • Dive into shared service models emerging to help local government redefine service levels in key public-public and public-private partnerships 

  • Understand and digest the complex role of local government in long-term "sustainability"

  • Advance past "performance measurement" to reveal a new component to priority based budgeting that includes "results measurement" strategies 

  • Grasp how credit rating agencies assess municipal credit ratings and how the transparent concepts of fiscal health and priority based budgeting can assist in stabilizing and improving bond and credit ratings

  • Expose your organization to the hands-on tools attainable to your community to fulfill the promise of reinventing government

  • Bring to light how to harvest the skill sets of the next generation of emerging leaders

  • Immerse yourself in the implementation strategies, shared experiences and lessons learned of the nearly 70 communities who have successfully brought the full potential of Fiscal Health and Priority Based Budgeting to their organizations

  • And one more thing: the CPBB Conference just wouldn't be the same without a few surprises and unveilings!  



Center for Priority Based Budgeting 


The "New Wave" of Local Government 


2014 Annual Conference


Denver, Colorado | August 5 - 7, 2014 


Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel 


Register Now and Book Your Hotel!

The "New Wave" of Local Government 2014 annual conference is brought to you by the Center for Priority Based Budgeting (CPBB) in partnership with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), the Alliance for Innovation (AFI), Emerging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) and the National League of Cities (NLC).

The ICMA "Leading Practice" of Priority Based Budgeting is fundamentally changing the way local governments are approaching resource allocation, community partnerships, transparency in financial management and literacy, credit rating management, and our very understanding of the modern role of pro-active governance.

A Revolution In How Communities Leverage Resources

Building upon the excitement and enthusiasm from the CPBB 2013 "Summit of Leading Practices" Annual Conference, we'll be delivering even more success driven initiatives from the CPBB, our partners and your local government practitioner peers that will provide proven strategies designed to catapult your organization into the innovation stratosphere! REGISTER HERE!

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Click to register, book a room (discount room rates start at $159 per night) and discover more about the 2014 CPBB conference program! For conference sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities click here.

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