Friday, June 13, 2014

App Envy, Testimonials & Mysterious CPBB Conference Unveilings!

Last year, at the 2013 Annual Priority Based Budgeting Conference in Washington, DC, we unveiled our very FIRST online tool: the web-based FISCAL HEALTH DIAGNOSTIC TOOL. It is the only tool of it's kind to allow elected officials, executives, staff and citizens to visibly examine and understand their organization's fiscal health - live economic modeling and forecasting in real-time! It has been referred to as the "Rosetta Stone for Fiscal Literacy" for illuminating deep insights into an organization's fiscal condition, and uncovering solutions. The tool, quite simply, is allowing unparalleled clarity to decision-makers mastering the complex fiscal impacts of policy making, within a dashboard so simple to understand, it's revolutionizing just how far we can really go in fulfilling the dream of "fiscal transparency."

And now, it's about to get even better...

This year, at our 2014 "New Wave" of Local Government Conference in Denver this August, we'll be unveiling a NEW online tool. For many of you, this has been a long time coming - you might even have a guess at what it is. For those of you who are new to Priority Based Budgeting, and even veteran implementers, think BIG! Your path to realizing the promise of aligning ALL of your community's resources with the results that matter most, through the unique lens and disruptive local government innovation of PBB, is about to get far easier and even more effective!

If the mystery unveiling isn't exciting enough for you, we're also rolling out our 2014 "New Wave" of Local Government Conference app. Click here to download the app to your mobile phone (send link to your phone first). The CPBB conference app provides instant access to the entire conference: day-by-day program schedule, detailed session descriptions, info on speakers (and their twitter accounts!), sponsor and exhibitor information and more. Download the app now! The app will automatically accept conference updates so you'll only have to download it once.

We're also thrilled to announce a CPBB & ELGL co-sponsored social mixer during the conference! Details are still emerging, but all attendees, sponsors and exhibitors will be invited to meet at one of Denver's fine taverns close to the conference hotel and enjoy free appetizers and a no host bar while meeting local government enthusiasts from across the country! Download and check out the app for further updates!

At the CPBB we love thoughtful, constructive feedback. So when the National League of Cities offered to provide us testimonials they received on our fiscal health through priority based budgeting session during their annual Congress of Cities Conference, we were very interested! And pleasantly surprised at the results (See a sample of testimonials below)!

And while this year's 2014 "New Wave" of Local Government Conference is much more than a forum for us to speak, we'll have the same quality of engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable speakers. Speakers with deep knowledge and experience in:     

A Revolution in how Community’s Leverage Resources! Leading the Way in Key "Result Areas" - Through the "new lens" of Priority Based Budgeting, communities have unveiled an entirely unique understanding regarding the "Results of Government" that define the very role of modern local government.  The answer to the question "why do we exist" has focused on several key "Result" areas most relevant for our time. 

This year's conference will showcase leading public and private sector innovators who are inspiring an epic REVOLUTION in local government!
  • Redefining how to legitimately attain economic development and measurable local job creation through the use of incubators and partnerships
  • Discover new models for achieving safer communities at lesser cost
  • Explore revenue generation strategies attainable to every local government that have to date remained hidden
  • Dive into shared service models emerging to help local government redefine service levels in key public-public and public-private partnerships
  • Understand and digest the complex role of local government in long-term "sustainability"
  • Advance past "performance measurement" to reveal a new component to priority based budgeting that includes "results measurement" strategies
  • Grasp how credit rating agencies assess municipal credit ratings and how the transparent concepts of fiscal health and priority based budgeting can assist in stabilizing and improving bond and credit ratings
  • Expose your organization to the hands-on tools attainable to your community to fulfill the promise of reinventing government
  • Bring to light how to harvest the skill sets of the next generation of emerging leaders
  • Immerse yourself in the implementation strategies, shared experiences and lessons learned of the nearly 70 communities who have successfully brought the full potential of Fiscal Health and Priority Based Budgeting to their organizations
  • And one more thing: the CPBB Conference just wouldn't be the same without a few surprises and unveilings! 

"My experience with the Priority Based Budgeting Session at the Congressional City Conference far exceeded my expectations. After a short amount of time with the CPBB, I felt equipped to start a conversation in my city about how we can implement Priority Based Budgeting."
- Alderman Maurice Cheeks, City of Madison WI

"Seminar packed with thought provoking questions elected officials need to ask to perform our
fiduciary responsibilities for our tax paying citizens. This is engagement, transparency and fiscal management at its best." - Councilmember Jeffrey D. Weisensel Rosemount MN

"Priority Based Budgeting is a more in-depth budgeting application. It goes far beyond a balanced budget -- it answers the question, is this budget sustainable and for how long?"
- Councilor Thomas Frank, City of West Linn OR

"The Priority Based Budgeting team is a dynamic force when we host their sessions at NLC's conferences. Their seminars are always packed, and we consistently receive favorable feedback from our members. They are a pleasure to work with."
- Senior Associate, NLC University Laura Lanford, National League of Cities



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